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About Green Leaf Productions

Green Leaf Productions started as a hobby site several years ago by I, Oliver Hepworth-Bell, under the identity of 12PackPhotography - pertaining to a local BMX trails site containing 6 jumps, or 12 'packs'; it was originally run solely by I as a strict hobbyist web site. The site was primarily used for hosting photography and basic digital art, but occasionally it was also a testing ground to learn and develop skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other basic codes for Internet design.

It was an exciting time for me and I quickly picked up and became fluent in HTML and CSS using free online tutorials and collaborations with Jack Saunders. As I tailored my skills more rigorously, I began to not only design my own web sites, but web sites for friends as well. It was not long before I was designing for local events and working in collaboration with other local design companies.

As the ambitions of the website spread beyond BMX riding and photography, the web site was re-branded to reflect ambitions and passions of the company and Jack Saunders came on board as a key coder and scripter for the more advanced projects within company. Using my design skills and Jack's expertise in advanced coding, we were able to offer cutting-edge functionality with concise and tasteful aesthetics to bring truly great web sites at highly competitive prices.

The great people behind it all!

Together, me and Jack work closely with our customers to ensure satisfaction every time; we are not a large faceless organisation of designers who never meet our clients or even know their names; rather, we are a small, tight-nit pair who aim not to bleed customers dry, but to give them exactly what they want and bring a smile to their faces!

And so as the web presence of Green Leaf Productions grows, as too do our ambitions; and as too does our sense of exhilaration and excitement for what’s to come

If you have any queries then please feel free to drop us a message any time using our Contact Us form.