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Green Leaf Productions

We Design Websites

Yep, that pretty much sums Green Leaf Productions up in as few words as possible: we design websites. But we also do oh so much more! We are not simply a web designers, but also computer game and application developers, graphic designers and even writers, scripters, coders and proof readers. In fact, we're a bit like an ultra-supermarket for design - we pretty much do it all.

You can find out a little bit more about us as a company by visiting our about page; alteratively, you can see our past projects on our design page.

Let the journey begin

Latest Project

Corner of Web

Here's a little website we tossed up earlier; primarily a personal blog, the website is a splinter of Green Leaf Apps and acts as a base for quick and informal content, mostly relating to subjects outside the scope of Green Leaf Apps.

We aimed for a minimalist style; as such the blog has a white background and focuses reader's attention immediately on the content. This was to ensure that the blog's main asset - its content - was as prominent as possible.

Visit the site

Latest Project

SHarc Society

Not merely a web site design for the up-and-coming SHarc Soc, this was a whole branding experience with Green Leaf Productions taking initiative in the logo design, web site layout, features, content and general online awareness.

This website's purple colours draw from the Sheffield Hallam University logo, and Green Leaf Productions aimed to provide a clean and uncluttered blog for announcing events and information regarding the society, with emphasis on drawing reader attention to key content.

Visit SHarc Soc

Latest Project

Linus Sundstrom

A much tighter brief than other projects, this one actually entailed a re-design rather than a dedicated creative input. Linus Sundstrom - an international speedway racer - already had a logo concept and web design structure and needed aesthetic input to refine and realise a final product. This is where I came in!

Development on the web site is on-going and is maintained by web management company ISNT Ltd. with occasional front-end graphical supplement from Green Leaf Apps.

See some of more past projects

Latest Project

Transition Hertford

We at Green Leaf like to keep our forests fresh and our leaves... well... green, really. So here is a concept logo design for Transition Hertford.

Transition Hertford is a community-driven climate awareness group, combating the energy waste, fossil fuel depletion and the consequential economic contraction that is affecting all our lives, helping to reduce Hertford's cabron footprint and transform the area into a 'Transition Town'.

See some of more past projects

Latest Project
http / home / welcome Welcome to Green Leaf Apps

I’ve always been rubbish at personal introductions; I find they’re often quite difficult to start in an immediately engaging or witty way. Once begun, I can ramble on almost indefinitely about the most mundane of things. But to begin is always the most difficult part. It’s ironic, hence, that I introduce myself by rambling on about the difficulty of writing introductions and I move on to bid you warm welcome to Green Leaf Productions.

Green Leaf Productions is predominantly a personal project set up only a few years ago by university student Oliver Hepworth-Bell, with occasional back-end collaborations from computer scientist Jack Saunders. It acts as an online portfolio of works, a showcase of talents and abilities, an e-Curriculum Vitae and a testing ground for new ideas or developments that I conceive: from mere conceptual pieces to whole creative projects; and from widgets to web sites; Green Leaf Productions will try it all.

At Green Leaf Productions we also endorse ourselves in a wide and diverse range of hobbies and interests; from science & technology to literture & the arts, our passions are beyond varied. We have a vast array of scripting and design abilities to fit a multitude of design specifications, being highly competent in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and many more.

To find out more about us, check out the About Us page, or for any specific queries you can contact us directly using our Contact Form - we'll try to respond to any questions as soon as possible.

Thanks, and have a great day!

Oliver Hepworth-Bell (Signature)
Oliver Hepworth-Bell