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Green Leaf Productions

I’ve always been rubbish at personal introductions; I find they’re often quite difficult to start in an immediately engaging or witty way. Once begun, I can ramble on almost indefinitely about the most mundane of things. But to begin is always the most difficult part. It’s ironic, hence, that I introduce myself by rambling on about the difficulty of writing introductions and I move on to bid you warm welcome to Green Leaf Productions.

Green Leaf Productions is predominantly a personal project set up only a few years ago at university. It acts as an online portfolio of works, a showcase of talents and abilities, an e-Curriculum Vitae and a testing ground for new ideas or developments that I conceive: from mere conceptual pieces to whole creative projects; and from widgets to web sites; Green Leaf Productions will try it all.

At Green Leaf Productions we also endorse ourselves in a wide and diverse range of hobbies and interests; from science & technology to literture & the arts, our passions are beyond varied. We have a vast array of scripting and design abilities to fit a multitude of design specifications, being highly competent in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and many more.

Thanks, and have a great day!